I am using this space to share thoughts, from time to time, that come from my clinical work and reading.  I hope this is helpful for you.


I've spent much of my career working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  Advanced training in this area is particularly helpful, so I want to share with you information about this fall's schedule at Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis' Certificate Program in Trauma Studies.  Sandra Green and Lorraine Caputo, the program's directors, have developed an intensive and thoughtful two year training program.  I serve on the training committee and teach one of the modules.  If you are interested in training in this area, I encourage you to review the program's offerings.

April, 2018

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Sadly, approximately one in four boys faces some form of sexual abuse. Psychotherapy can help with recovery from such experiences. I've worked extensively with abuse survivors and have shared in their struggles to feel in control of their bodies, manage painful memories, and enter relationships as equal players. I've been struck time and again by the resiliency of survivors --- how so many carry on with their lives to find meaning and success. I'd like to mention MaleSurvivor, a wonderful organization that helps many in their healing process. I've been affiliated with the group as a Board member, an Advisory Board member, and as Chair of their international conference. I've seen first hand how effective MaleSurvivor is through its weekend retreats, interactive web site, and its bi-annual international conference which brings together survivors, their families, and professionals who work with survivors. I encourage you to look at MaleSurvivor's web site.

March, 2018

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Excavating Pieces is a quietly touching memoir of growing up in a home under the thumb of a rageful, sadistic and sexually abusive stepfather.  Written with understated grace by Patrick Husted, I highly recommend this book.  Patrick is a former patient and when we worked together, I was often amazed and moved by how he survived the abusive landscape of his childhood with both resilience and dignity.  I hope you'll give yourself the opportunity to read this touching life story.

February, 2018

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I’ve recently been fortunate to have a book recommended to me: Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery, by David Fawcett, Ph.D.  If you are struggling with crystal meth, are a therapist working with a patient who has a meth addiction, or want to understand a friend or family member who is in the grips of this addiction — then this book is essential reading.  Fawcett explores the methamphetamine crisis from both a psychological and  sociological perspective.  He has a deep understanding of the causes of this addiction, the pain it creates, and the steps towards recovery.  I couldn’t recommend a book more highly.

January, 2018


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I inevitably look forward to seeing the couples I work with in therapy --- young and old, short-term partners and long-term spouses, gay and straight --- it's a great opportunity for members of couples to get to know themselves and each other better, and to learn how to be more of a team.  I recently read a very thoughtful article by Alain de Botton about the reality of relationships and I highly recommend it to you.  As his article suggests, a good question to ask someone you're dating is, "And how are you crazy?".  As he wisely notes "...we believe ourselves to be seeking happiness in marriage.  It isn't that simple.  What we really seek is familiarity..."

December, 2017

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